United Arab Emirates in the conquest by Mars

United Arab Emirates in the conquest by Mars

The United Arab Emirates joins the list of countries that are seeking to conquer space. That is why it is projected with a satellite called “Hope” with which it plans to reach the red planet.

Without a doubt, we can appreciate the advances in science and technology that the United Arab Emirates has had in recent decades.

Therefore, innovation and excellence are the fundamental motto of this Arab region.

It should be noted that the potential they have from the point of view of infrastructure, education and research favors the creativity and performance of their scientists.

The United States is also listed in the list for the conquest of the planet Mars

The United States will issue a car-sized six-wheeler, called Perseverance.

This mission in order to search for rock samples that will be sent back to Earth for analysis in approximately ten years.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has scheduled its launch on July 30 from Cape Canaveral.

The ship named Perserverance hopes to descend into the old delta of a river and a lake on Mars distinguished as Jezero Crater.

Each ship will travel approximately 483 million kilometers (300 million miles) to reach the indicated destination. In effect, these ships will arrive on the planet Mars in February 2021.

The time it takes to get to these spaceships is around six and seven months. At this point, for a spacecraft to exit Earth’s orbit and snap into Mars’ farthest orbit around the sun.

The scientific community is curious to explore in relation to the planet Mars billions of years ago.

What you want to find out is how the planet was long before it became the arid and sterile world that it is today.

Caltech’s Ken Farley expressed the following regarding the Perseverance mission


“Trying to confirm that life existed on another planet is a big thing. It has a very large burden of proof ”

Autonomous Vehicle United Arab Emirates for Mars
Autonomous Vehicle United Arab Emirates for Mars

China is another country interested in conquering the Red planet

The other launch will be from China, which will send a vehicle and orbital probe on July 23.

Chinese authorities have not released many details. The mission is called Tianwen, or Questions for Heaven.

Definitely July is the month in which great nations like the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to conquer the red planet.

China gradually becomes an economic and technological power. This has led to the pursuit of symbolic elements to demonstrate their might.

In this context, china’s space race is framed. Demonstrate to all countries their new superpower status and abandon their replica image of low quality products.

China's first mission to Mars
China’s first mission to Mars

United Arab Emirates in the space race

The United Arab Emirates spacecraft, called Amal, which means Hope in Arabic.

In English it is called Hope, this is an orbital probe that is scheduled to take off from Japan.

This represents a milestone for this Arab country since it is the first space mission in the Arab region.

This ship was made in partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder.

It will also reach Mars on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. Without a doubt, an achievement to celebrate in style.

Project manager Omran Sharaf expressed the following:

“The United Arab Emirates wanted to send a very strong message to young Arabs”

This not only represents an example but a stimulus for the region’s scientific and research community to continue working on innovative projects to conquer space.

“The message here is that if the United Arab Emirates can reach Mars in less than 50 years, then much more can be done (…). The beauty of the space is that it sets the standard very high. “

It is a source of pride and satisfaction for the population of the Emirates. In effect, they must continue working to achieve their goals in relation to science and technology.

United Arab Emirates Amal (Hope) ship for mission to Mars
United Arab Emirates Amal (Hope) ship for mission to Mars

The United Arab Emirates to the stars…

Three countries that are in the race to conquer space, especially the planet Mars. The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States coincide in the month of July to send their unmanned spacecraft to explore this planet.

The purpose of these missions has a common element and is the search for signs of old cellular life and to investigate the terrain for future astronauts.







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