The best lawyers in history

The best lawyers in history


Advocacy is one of the oldest professions of which there is a historical record. And it has been that since the dawn of humanity there have been conflicts and someone must help redeem them. How to know which were the best lawyers in history? We’ll talk about that today

In principle the jurists were just judges who were dedicated to redeem conflicts. A role sometimes rulers exercised. In other historical moments it was the judges who exercised as rulers as can be seen from the book of the judges of the Bible.

In this way it is one of the most relevant professions in our society. However, this profession does not have such visibility in a technology-focused society.

Best lawyers magazine
Best lawyers magazine

The best lawyers in history mix knowledge of the laws with a lot of common sense. They must also possess skills in the field of psychology and good doses of public speaking and writing. We left you a video named “What makes a good lawyer?”

They say that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. In this we consider that there is no doubt. Even so, some of the first stories place the best lawyers in history seeking justice in cases of alleged immorality.

Let’s get to know one of the first stories in history about the complex work of the best lawyers in the world.

Friné and immorality is in the soul of the one who evaluates it

From ancient Greece comes the story of Friné accused of immorality. A group of citizens accused Friné of immoral before a popular jury.

His lawyer understood that jealousy and low passions were hidden in the accusations. In this way the lawyer considered a tactic that involved psychology and common sense.

Finding Friné naked, he proceeded to wrap her in a scarlet blanket. He himself presented the allegations where he cited the bad intentions of the accusations. As he presented the allegations, he discovered Friné’s body completely naked.

This process caught the attention, dazzled the jurors and in turn aroused the annoyance of their accusers. Thus he managed to expose the accusers not as justice seekers but as interested parties. We cannot deny that showing a girl’s body could influence the jury.

The lawyer understood that he needed to expose the accusers while putting the jury on his side. And he achieved his goal, the beautiful and innocent Friné was acquitted and released.

The best lawyers in history can also be rulers

A study by The Economist magazine conducted in 2009 based on a sample of 5,000 presidents and government ministers. The most recurring career of the sample of presidents and ministers selected turned out to be law or laws (20%). After the law profession, other professions in the business area followed (17%). At the end of that list were the careers of journalism, economics, medicine and academic careers.

With this we can see that the legal profession is among one of the most prolific in the political world. Prominent politicians like Barack Obama, former US president. and Nobel Peace Prize or Vladimir Putin President of Russia are lawyers.

Barack Obama - The best lawyers in history
Barack Obama – The best lawyers in history

Without entering into the evaluation of good or bad government efforts, the influence of law in governments is undeniable. Some jurists who achieved great influence in the political sphere are:

  • Juan Domingo Perón: Political leader of Argentina. He has been the only president of Argentina to be elected three times.
  • Bill Clinton: Former President of the United States of America
  • Felipe González: Head of Government of Spain. The term of 13 and a half years was the longest of a head of government in democracy.

How to make a list of the best lawyers in history?

Making a top of the best lawyers in history would be unfair and very complicated. Actually any analysis that would be performed would have to consider so many variables that it would become eternal. However, this does not keep us from our intention to show what some of the best lawyers in history have been.

The traces that some have left in history are and will remain indelible. Some questions that were used to consider this list and that should be considered for the elaboration of any future list are the following:

  • How to evaluate academic and theoretical merits against firm victories in legal proceedings? Which is more important and what weight should they have in the evaluation?
  • What will be valued more, the quantity or quality of the written works? How can you evaluate the quality of the theoretical dissertation?
  • Is the impact on your time or the legacy for today’s world considered
  • How to compare the jurists belonging to different judicial systems and different countries?
  • Its impact considered when transforming an existing system or its value within the system in which it lived?
  • Is the best lawyer who wins the most cases or who best serves the purpose of justice?
  • Is it more valuable to avoid litigation or your victory in the legal process?
  • What is more important, laws and judicial process or persuasion?

Today we will show the names of those who in our opinion have earned a place in the history of Law. Names of jurists who have died and that will undoubtedly be remembered forever.

We will start with the old law and we will move forward in time as the article is updated.

Old wig and robes for judges - best lawyers in history
Old wig and robes for judges – best lawyers in history

The best lawyers in history in ancient law

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 a.c. – 43 a.c):

Apart from being one of the best lawyers in history, Marcus Tullius Cicero was a politician, philosopher, writer and speaker. An example to follow that also an innovator. He was characterized by avoiding sacramental formulas. These were formulas when ignored by the common man prevented access to justice which “secret key”. Recognized for the flexibility of his speech which he adapted according to the nature of the process, whether civil, criminal or political. It is also said that he was very vehement. Cicero affirmed the following

“Science that moves away from justice rather than science should be called cunning.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero - The best lawyers in history
Marcus Tullius Cicero – The best lawyers in history

Ulpian (170 AD – 228 AD)

Considered the best academic jurist Ulpian was the one who analyzed the sources of law of the time: laws, senate consultations, edicts of praetors and mayor and offered guides for imperial magistrates.

His work “The Institutions” was the starting point of Roman Law. The latter is so relevant that the 3rd part of the Justinian Compilation takes as reference and source the writings of Ulpian.

Ulpian - The best lawyers in history
Ulpian – The best lawyers in history

Bartolus de Saxoferrato (1313-1357)

The legal world of the Middle Ages considered as the best jurist the doctor in laws Bartolus de Saxoferrato. His whose teachings exceeded the literal criteria of the laws. He focused on a critical methodology that combined the letter and the spirit of the law.

The expression “barges” of law students has its origin in the “Bartolos” or texts provided by the teacher. So much was his influence that the kings supported his doctrine. Among these were the Catholic Monarchs who decreed the interpretative criteria of Bartolus will be applied in case of doctrinal discrepancy.

Bartolo da Sassoferrato -The best lawyers in history
Bartolo da Sassoferrato -The best lawyers in history

Prospects of Law to evaluate the best lawyers in history.

As we could see, the best lawyers in ancient history stood out for different aspects. Some for his oratory, others for his challenge to the established Law and others for his theoretical contributions. Many perspectives that we can address in these articles to discover which are the best lawyers in the history of mankind.



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