7 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Financial Freedom – Personal Finance

7 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Financial Freedom – Personal Finance

Today it is fashionable to seek financial freedom. Dozens of financial gurus have a magic and simple formula to become millionaires. The first thing to say is that achieving financial freedom is not difficult, but it is not without effort either. That is why today we will talk about the 7 easy steps to achieve your financial freedom and the challenges you will have to face to achieve it.

Many times, there are very easy activities to do, and yet we do not. Immediacy, impulse beats us to discipline and effort. So, while achieving financial freedom can be a relatively straightforward process, not everyone achieves it.

Achieving financial freedom is a matter of determination, resilience, discipline, effort, and motivation. Later, we will talk about how each of these 5 attitudes that will help us achieve our goals, and how we can reinforce them.

As we mentioned before, they are easy steps, but they require a positive attitude towards change and a lot of motivation. When viewing the results. It will be very easy to continue on the new path. But to achieve change we must achieve a new attitude, which we will only achieve thanks to motivation.

How to motivate ourselves to achieve financial freedom? First we must know the different stages of personal finance that we must go through to achieve financial freedom.

In this article we will talk about the following points:

  • Motivation needed to change.
  • Attitudes necessary to achieve financial freedom.
  • Stages of personal finance and the definition of each.
  • The fundamentals of financing and the first 4 steps.
  • 7 easy steps to achieve financial freedom.

Without more to add, let’s start knowing our financial future from the hand of Gustavo Mirabal.

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Five attitudes necessary to achieve financial freedom.

  • Determination: It is the ability to set objectives and goals and pursue them despite difficulties. It helps us stay on track and not give up despite adversity.
  • Endurance: There are people who run very fast for a few meters. But the race to financial freedom is more like a marathon. It requires a sustained effort for months and years. So rather than accelerating fast, we need resistance. Resistance to adversity, temptations, and our own weariness. To achieve this, we will give you some tips to keep you motivated.
  • Discipline: Establishing rules of behavior for us is one of the most difficult things. Sticking to our rules and not breaking them is hard. Deciding that we are going to reduce this or that expense and sticking to the plan is difficult. Those who manage to do this are disciplined. Achieving discipline is not overnight, but there are strategies that help us to be more disciplined every day and today we will tell you some of them.
  • Effort: To achieve financial freedom we require an additional effort that translates into physical, mental, and spiritual effort. Physical because there are things that we can buy “already done” that we will have to do by ourselves. Mental because we must dominate our mind before temptations and the desire to give up. Spiritual because there are moments that we will feel that the forces fail, however, there will be our objectives and motivation strategies and we know how to resort to them.
  • Motivation: This is the key that resides within each of the attitudes necessary above. If we do not know why we want financial freedom, it will be impossible to achieve it. Going through the 7 steps to achieve financial freedom requires high motivation.
Necessary attitudes: determination, effort, motivation, endurance and discipline

The first 4 steps…

Then you will get a very brief summary of the first 4 steps of the 7 easy steps to achieve your financial freedom. Each of the steps that we will mention will be explained in more detail later:

  1. What do I know about personal finance? Becoming aware of my knowledge of personal finance is the first step. I must know what my degree of knowledge about personal finance is and identify which strategies I use in my personal finances.
  2. Where am I with my personal finances? Am I able to reach the end of the month without going into debt? Is my income greater than my expenses? How much could I save each month and how much do I save? These are questions I must be able to answer to overcome the second step.
  3. What do I aspire financially for my life? They say that if we don’t know where we want to go, any direction is good. If we don’t know what we want financially for our life, we can’t know how to get there. The truth is that most aspire to cover their expenses at least and many others want to have enough money to give themselves some whims. Most want a quiet old age, but only find out about it when they reach old age. The truth is that we all need some financial slack. Knowing “what I want” is fundamental to know how much effort it takes to get there.
  4. Save money: Saving lays the foundation for new finances. In order to save, you need to make your income higher than your expenses. Whether it’s increasing your income or limiting your spending, saving forces you to see how far you can go.
Saving Money – One of the Steps to Achieving Financial Freedom

Moving the 7 steps to financial freedom… A utopia?

Financial freedom is the dream situation for many. There are people who talk about passive income, but even passive income can vary. They also give us tips to achieve financial freedom.

Therefore, financial freedom includes personal austerity and a new attitude towards life. On the other hand, to achieve financial freedom, the idea that money is bad must be removed from our minds.

Money is not bad, what is bad is that the search, indiscriminate spending, and accumulation of money controls us. If we have a more rational attitude towards money, we can easily achieve our financial freedom, as evidenced by the 7 steps we show in our article.

Financial freedom entails a change of attitude, motivation, values, and life in general. It is freeing ourselves from the yoke of buying as a way of giving ourselves value. We don’t have to involve others in our own vision of life, but we do have to change our own.

If you follow these 7 steps, you will be closer every day to achieving financial freedom. We hope that these tips from Gustavo Mirabal, the financial advisor of athletes, will help you have a happier and quieter life.



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