Tipping in Dubai: all you must know

You may raise a question about whether I need to tip in Dubai or not? the tipping practice is a vital thing of geniality in many countries. But how to proceed with tipping in a diverse nation like Dubai. Here is complete guidance for tipping in Dubai.

“My best hostess tip is to have good food and really good music!.”

Jennifer Aniston

Waitress staff

You all know that the cafes include service charges in the bill. However, if you have an amazing feast feel, you can praise or contribute by tipping the staff. Tipping 10% to 15% of your bill is a minimal expectation.

Bellman and Manservant

It is very common to tip them as they make you feel comfortable in any way. The usual tip charge is 10 AED. Of course, if the items of baggage are more, then you need to pay more.

Bag packers

As you know that there are packers who work in a supermarket. Also, there are some packers who work in a parking area. Since it is a quite difficult task to do, you can appreciate them by offering tips. AED 5 or 10 is a minimal tipping amount.


You know very well about the food delivery partner and how critical their job is. Hence you can appreciate his work during a critical situation. Because they have to reach you with food nevertheless, by overcoming their bad circumstances. You can help him in this way, consider your bill amount is AED 498, you can pay him AED 500 around amount.


Good barbers or hairstylers are very common you can get them in Dubai. If you are happy with their service and regular customer of them, you can offer a minimum tip amount of AED 5 to 10.

Note: Always you need to remember one thing that tipping in Dubai is a practice, not compulsory. Moreover, the amount which you pay should be according to their service and your satisfaction. Apart from tipping, there are other ways to appreciate their work. Most of the services are also operating online, so giving them a positive review on their website will help.

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