Sinopharm Vaccine To Give 9-Month Immunity For Covid

Sinopharm Vaccine To Give 9-Month Immunity For Covid

Abu Dhabi health officials are now examining how many booster shots an individual should take since the Sinopharm vaccine dose has started offering a nine-month immunity for Covid 19.

Pfizer VS Sinopharm vaccine; SEHA And ADPHC Answer Some Questions:

The Abu Dhabi health services company (SEHA) said on its official account, in response to a question posed by an internet user, that the Sinopharm vaccine provides immunity for up to nine months, and taking the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be considered as a booster shot.

For those who are initially vaccinated with Sinopharm, the Pfizer booster dose is only one shot, answered SEHA when they were asked whether the Pfizer booster needs one or two doses. The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) said that people can choose either Sinopharm or Pfizer booster dose after a medical assessment. 

The booster dose is offered only to those who have completed six months since the second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine. People can opt for the Sino pharm vaccine or Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine as a booster after the medical assessment.

The Importance Of Taking The Booster Shot:

When the question of whether an individual is required to take the booster dose was raised, the ADPHC stated that the booster dose helps improve the immune response and hence brings down an individual’s vulnerability towards infections, complications, and hospitalization. They are presently working alongside other health officials to decide the time interval when taking the booster dose of covid vaccines based on recently reviewed scientific data. 

Sinopharm vaccine

The ADPHC highlighted that there is no difference in the dosage of the booster shots compared to the first two jabs. They added that there is no change in the Sinopharm doses and that all the doses are provided at the same volume. 

A senior doctor at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Shakhbout Medical city emphasized that for a vaccinated individual to not have antibodies is very uncommon. He added that the chance of it happening is one in a 100 or one in 1000, where one may not react to the vaccines because of their body structure.

The medical expert insisted on the importance of taking a booster shot. He said that in addition to taking the booster jab, individuals must also continue to follow all the necessary Covid-19 precautions. 

How To Get Your Second Dose Of The Vaccine:

SEHA has teamed up with Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health (DoH) to provide residents both the Sino pharm and Pfizer versions of the vaccination. They can register and book their slots through the mobile app provided by SEHA.

People who could not attend their appointments for their second shot can get their jab between 21 to 56 days after their initial dose. The appointments for the second dose are auto-generated. This means that they cannot be postponed or rescheduled. So, SEHA clarified that those individuals facing time restrictions may have to go with the option of getting vaccinated after and within 21 to 56 days.

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