Royal Hyderabad Restaurant: Prefect Place To Feast On Eid Al Adha

Royal Hyderabad Restaurant: Prefect Place To Feast On Eid Al Adha

Situated in a nook of the International City Greece Cluster in Dubai, Royal Hyderabad Restaurant is the place to go to for all kinds of scrumptious dishes, be it Indian or another cuisine.  Celebrate the upcoming 5-day Eid Al Adha break by indulging yourself in various delightful cuisines from this highly-rated restaurant. From their famous Hyderabadi mutton dum biriyani to some appetizing Chinese noodles, the restaurant offers a wide palette of delectable items at reasonably cheap prices.

With a promise of uncompromising quality in their meals that makes it worth every buck, Royal Hyderabad restaurant gives its customers a wonderful blend of prompt service and distinct flavors. Visitors are welcomed with great love and treated with special care, in that, any item on the menu will be customized according to their taste and needs. They also have a monthly mess option, the menu of which undergoes constant updates. The restaurant is open every day till a little beyond midnight.

To have a true experience of the mouth-watering Hyderabadi cuisine, among others, place your orders at the Royal Hyderabad Restaurant for quick deliveries at a wide range of locations. Or, you can hit up the restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes right from their place of creation. With the week-long Eid holiday around the corner, now is the time to take your taste buds on a journey of exploration- and what better way to start than with finger-licking Indian food!

So, satisfy your cravings for a hot bowl of biriyani or a spicy platter of tandoori at Royal Hyderabad Restaurant, an eatery that has consistently amassed positive reviews. The restaurant is highly recommended for justified reasons- apart from providing authentically flavored and succulent meals, they also offer services such as home delivery, takeaway, free parking, and a private dining area. What are you waiting for? Spoil yourselves this festive Eid season by hitting up the joint for some tasty Indian goodness!

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