How to ship free gems for your Free Fire account?

Garena’s Free Fire has just surpassed 450 million registered users and is showing no signs of slowing down, racking up a massive US$90 million in revenue and 73 million new users in Q1 alone this year.

The Free Fire game has sparked controversy greatly and the game was released in 2017 and in that short period the game has become one of the most downloaded games on smartphones in 2019 and the game has launched another version in 2020, which is Free Fire Max, which is an upgraded version with high graphics Very accurate and more accurate than Free Fire, which can be played by owners of high and powerful smartphones, and in 2019 the game has got half a billion players, and Google Play in 2019 gave it the title of the most popular game around the world, and everyone wanted to ship gems in Free Fire, and shipping methods are divided into two types, one is by downloading an application and charging through it, and the other way is to enter an online site, but you must choose a safe method so that it will be shipped without any risk.

Free fire gameplay

Classic Mode: In this mode, the player chooses one of the maps, and when he presses start, the Lapp will find that he is in a plane consisting of 50 players, then chooses the place to connect the landing to, then takes the supplies, weapons and others he needs until the players kill each other and there are only two teams left, one kills the other and be is the winner.
Skoda Clash: It is a map made up of two teams of four people each. A match consists of seven consecutive rounds, and the winner is the one who wins four consecutive rounds.

Free fire gems shipping method

1.Open the original game website (official website).
2. Select the country in which you reside and choose the exact location in which you reside.
3.Choose the word “Buy Gems” and choose the appropriate package that you want to buy.
4.Choose the payment method that is convenient for you.
After completing the charging process, you will find in your Free Fire game account the gems you shipped and free gems as a gift for you.

Booyah…That’s it now you can use the gifts for free.

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