Expo 2020 Dubai: Job scams via Whatsapp messages

Dubai: Jobs scam in Expo 2020 Dubai revealed with a proof of WhatsApp message circling the UAE and India with the world’s largest exhibition office due to start in Dubai on October 1.

The organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai have warned people against falling prey to bogus recruiters and asked those concerned to report the case to Dubai Police and other relevant authorities.

The post which was fabricated as a social media post from Expo 2020 Dubai read: “If you know someone unemployed in the UAE, tell them to contact the team at Expo Worker Welfare by sending a WhatsApp message to 0504058211.. “

“Please contact us. Please note that Expo 2020 does not hire directly. We are looking to coordinate unemployed workers stranded in the UAE with some companies looking to hire cleaners and security guards. If you know someone or if you are interested, let us know (sic).

The post also contains a link to a survey titled “Investigation into the Well-Being of Expo Workers”.

The web page used for the survey bears the current Expo 2020 Dubai logo and colors.

Those behind the Expo 2020 Dubai jobs scam abuse the Expo’s name by claiming they are coordinating between unemployed workers and companies seeking to hire them.

The questionnaire asks users to provide their personal data, except middle name all questions are required. So be aware of these kinds of scams.

The organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai have assured the public that protecting the well-being of those working on the site’s construction is their top priority. But these kinds of scams create atrocious images to Expo 2020.

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