Dubai driving license renewal-procedure, fee, and guidelines

Dubai driving license renewal-procedure, fee, and guidelines

A driver’s permit is an authority archive, regularly plastic and the size of a charge card, allowing a particular individual to work at least one sorts of mechanized vehicles, like a bike, vehicle, truck, or transport on a public street.

There are numerous ways available to renew your license in Dubai. It’s very difficult to roam around Dubai without renewing a license. So you can be free without making it complicated. We have explained an in-depth process of Dubai driving license renewal. Apart from this, there are few papers needed to make it simple.

The individuals who live in the UAE realize that driving is a fundamental piece of regular day-to-day existence. In a country celebrated for its grounded framework and severe driving standards, having a substantial driving permit is urgent. For that, you should find out about the interaction of Dubai driving license renewal.

To get the License reestablished, it is significant that the License as well as any remaining archives that are required for it are around so they can be restored alongside the Dubai License Renewal. For the individuals who are absolutely new to this entire thought of reestablishing your permit, the method is genuinely basic, and furthermore, it is online so one doesn’t have to make superfluous visits to the traffic police divisions in Dubai.

Eligibility for the renewal

Prior to examining the restoration interaction, it’s essential to know about the qualification measures to get a driving permit in Dubai. As indicated by RTA rules, occupants matured 21 years or more are qualified for a driving permit in Dubai.

Occupants more youthful than 21 years can apply for a trial driving permit. You can apply for a driving test, a half year after you get the first-run through student license.

Fee for Dubai driving license renewal

The Dubai driving permit restoration charges shift. Candidates more seasoned than 21 years are needed to pay a Dubai driving license renewal expense of AED 300. Different charges incorporate AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation expenses. Clients more youthful than 21 years of age need to pay AED 100 for permit reestablishment alongside AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation expenses.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have any sort of forthcoming fines or duty that you need to pay (which could be traffic fines additionally) at that point those should be cleared alongside this installment. On the off chance that you have been given a fine in different pieces of the Emirates at that point ensure that you pay them online as that should be possible through any of the Emirates Traffic Police Department sites. Everything installments can be made through money or cards so that will likewise not be an issue.

The interaction would take just 4-5 business days if the online bit by bit system is followed as referenced previously. For every one of the individuals who actually need to take their eye test, ensure that you complete that from a decent optician as that is impossible on the stop when getting your Driving License. It is an amazingly simple and easy-to-understand system so ensure that you complete it and make your driving involvement with Dubai tranquil and safe.

Documents required for Dubai driving license renewal

  1. The below papers are not for the renewal
  2. An eye test declaration from a perceived optician in UAE.
  3. Substantial identification duplicate with residency visa stamp.
  4. Your Emirates ID.
  5. Two visa size photographs.

Penalties if not not done renewal of Dubai driving license

Any deferral in restoring Dubai driving permit for under 10 years is AED 10 every month. The most extreme fine because of reestablishment postponement can reach up to AED 500. If there should be an occurrence of the driving permit termination for over 10 years the candidate is just permitted to reestablish the permit after effectively breezing through the obligatory street assessment.

Process involved in Dubai driving license renewal

  1. Apply Online
  2. Fill the application structure and visit our close to RTA Office

Moreover RTA has acquainted numerous ways with recharge the driving permit in Dubai on the web. Here are the different channels that you can depend on.

The most effective way to go with RTA Dubai official website

The RTA official site offers a complete and simple to utilize the device for online Dubai permit recharging. Regardless of whether you wish to apply for another permit or reestablish a past one simply follow these means:

  1. The candidate needs to go through a compulsory eye test at one of the eye test focuses
  2. Go to the RTA official site and peruse The Driver and Car Owner Services tab
  3. Snap-on the Driving License Services tab to get to different administrations identified with Dubai driving permit reestablishment
  4. Transfer every one of the necessary archives
  5. Pay every one of the important charges or fines if appropriate
  6. You will get an impermanent driver’s permit that you can print for use until the first permit is prepared
  7. The brief permit is legitimate for 5 to 15 working days
  8. Get your driver’s permit from Happiness Centers at Al Barsha or Deira
  9. You can likewise get your new permit conveyed by paying AED 25 in extra delivery charges

How to go with Dubai driver application

The RTA Dubai Drive App offers a helpful method to reestablish your driver’s permit. The application is accessible for both Android and iOS.

How might be done through call center

callcenter for driving license dubai

You can likewise apply for the reestablishment of your driver’s permit from the authority RTA Call Center. Here are the various advances included:

Call the RTA call focus at 8009090 and address the specialist about permit recharging.

  1. Give the specialist your RTA driver’s permit number
  2. Pay the expenses or fines with a Visa
  3. Get a transitory permit through email
  4. The transitory permit is substantial for 5 to 15 working days
  5. Get your driver’s permit from Happiness Centers at Al Barsha or Deira
  6. Get your permit conveyed by paying AED 25 in extra delivery charges

Through service centers

There are different driving permit recharging focuses in Dubai. A portion of these focuses have eye testing offices also. The interaction for driving permit recharging is simple. You should simply visit any eye test focus and get your eyes tried. When your tests are clear, apply for driver’s permit restoration. Pay every one of the necessary expenses and fines. Get a printout of the transitory permit from any of the Customer Happiness Centers. Here is a rundown of Customers Happiness Centers:

  1. Client Happiness Center – Umm Ramool (Eye testing office not accessible)
  2. Client Happiness Center – Al Manarah (Eye testing office accessible)
  3. Client Happiness Center – Al Towar (Eye testing office accessible)
  4. Client Happiness Center – Deira (Eye testing office accessible)
  5. Client Happiness Center – Al Barsha (Eye testing office accessible)
  6. Client Happiness Center – Al Kifaf (Eye testing office not accessible)
  7. Client Happiness Center – Al Aweer (Eye testing office not accessible)
  8. Hatta Tasjeel Center.

Even its possible for Dubai driving license renewal via KIOSKS


Aside from online administrations and RTA Service focuses across Dubai, another alternative is to apply for a driving permit recharging at the RTA stands. The methodology for recharging from a booth is equivalent to permit restoration through Service Centers. Here are the different booths for driver’s permit reestablishment in Dubai.

  1. Client Happiness Center in Umm Ramool
  2. Client Happiness Center in Deira
  3. Client Happiness Center in Al Barsha
  4. Client Happiness Center in Al Manarah
  5. Client Happiness Center in Al Towar
  6. Client Happiness Center in Al Aweer
  7. Client Happiness Center in Al Kifaf
  8. Speed Fit
  9. Tasjeel Al Tawar
  10. Barsha Tasjeel
  11. Speedy Cars Testing
  12. Muhaisna Shamil
  13. Tamam Vehicle Testing
  14. Al Qusais Tasjeel
  15. Wasel Belhasa

Eye tests can be done in the below places

Getting your visual perception tried is a fundamental piece of the Dubai driving permit restoration measure. Here are the different eye test focuses in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Optical
  2. Yateem Optician
  3. Malak Typing – Photocopying and Optical
  4. Emirates Driving Institute – Eye Test
  5. Salik Optical
  6. Barakat Optical
  7. Belhasa Driving Center – Eye Test
  8. Al Jaber Optical Center
  9. Chief Optical Center
  10. Leen Optics
  11. Global Optical
  12. Great Optics
  13. Rivoli Eye Zone

Operation duration and Validity

The preparing time for driving permit restoration in Dubai is 3 to 5 working days by and large. The legitimacy of the driver’s permit is 1 year for candidates under 21 years. While the legitimacy for driver’s licenses for those matured 21 or more is 10 years for Emirati residents. The permit is legitimate for a very long time for inhabitants and other GCC residents.

That is supportive of our manual for the Dubai driving permit restoration. In the event that you wish to apply for another permit, read our thorough Dubai driving permit control. A worldwide driving permit is fundamental for individuals who travel regularly. Figure out how to apply for one with our total manual for a global permit in Dubai. We have recorded different approaches to recharge your permit with comfort. For more data about different administrations, investigate our definite RTA Dubai manual to thoroughly understand the offices offered by RTA. So this is how you need to go further about Dubai driving license renewal.

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