Digital Ambassadors: Schools Appoint 66 Pupils Across UAE

Digital Ambassadors: Schools Appoint 66 Pupils Across UAE

A total of 66 students from various public schools all over the UAE have been selected for the position of digital ambassador. This is an initiative undertaken to use digital ambassadors to spread knowledge to the maximum extent. It is important especially when it comes to creating awareness about e-learning.

In the modern-day, online learning is a thing of the norm. The initiative hopes to train students to stay updated and ready to meet all the challenges associated with digital schooling, which gives importance to the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is the digital ambassador program all about?

It will also tackle the use of new technology by helping build digital education skills in students. It will focus on developing the teachings and learning process. This will ensure that they are all set for the new academic year, which is to start on the 29th of August. 

The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has chosen the best students, including both male and female ones for the “Ambassadors of Change and Digital Champions for School Students” program in the school year 2021-22. The campaign, which is targeted towards e-learning, had 2,240 students from 243 educational institutions getting involved in it, as per data.

The Emirates Schools Establishment also added that the purpose of the initiative was to improve electronic maturity and strengthen students’ leadership abilities. It would also help them learn how to handle different educational platforms for the smart learning program. This will ensure greater digital competence among pupils by increasing their electronic maturity.

This would additionally enhance awareness and lead to the better implementation of the principles of digital citizenship and online security. The program would also foster healthy competitive spirits among the students in these public schools. The ESE believes this would also push and inspire them to work towards excellence. 

How were the digital ambassadors selected and what are their functions?

It had also determined certain criteria for pupils in the selection process of these schools’ digital ambassadors. They were expected to be cooperative and be truly passionate about the campaign. They must also have sufficient technical know-how for using smart learning platforms and managing problems specific to the digital space. 

Additionally, they should have distinguished practices at the school level and an interest in dealing with challenges. Having leadership and communication skills also goes without saying. The key result areas (KRAs) of these digital ambassadors were released towards the final part of the 3rd semester. The KRAs were judged by the specialists.

The toppers have been selected to be digital champions through interviews. Their key function is to spread their knowledge to their schoolmates by conducting training workshops on how to use e-learning platforms. The ambassadors also must work towards a school community that knows about digital security.

They would attempt to make the shift to online modes of learning smoother by generating different learning patterns according to the capacity of their peers. The digital champions must spread awareness regarding online laws and regulations, thereby inculcating positive behavior among their schoolmates.

The digital ambassadors must also work efficiently with the school administration in inspiring their schoolmates to use technology positively. This would improve their national identities in the coming days. 

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