Contact Tracing Program Introduced In Abu Dhabi

Contact Tracing Program Introduced In Abu Dhabi

The local health officials in Abu Dhabi have introduced the first inquiry and contact tracking program in the area, named the Contact Tracing Assistant System.

What does the contact tracing program entail?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health collaborated with Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre and declared the inauguration of the program, where they plan to host a virtual talk with all the covid positive patients. The data obtained from these patients will help significantly to monitor, forecast, and prevent the spread of Covid 19 in society.

The information about the symptoms of the disease, people who were in contact and any recent travels will be used by the organization. They will thus be able to confirm that the contacts are isolated during the incubation period. If the test results are positive then they’ll send a link via SMS to install the virtual talk, which is offered in Arabic and English languages.

People who were tested positive will receive a link via SMS for the Virtual talk. Once the Emirates ID is verified, the subordinate would interrogate the patients and would ask detailed questions to collect more information.

How does it work?

Abdulla Bin Mohamed Al Hamed, the chairperson of the department of health, said that Abu Dhabi has led by example and used modern technology to track the spread of the virus. The new Contact Tracing Assistant System will assist in monitoring the transmission of the virus and it guarantees the health and safety of all associates in the society. They also admire the efforts made by the center since the start of the pandemic. 

Contact Tracing

The director-general of ADPHC, Matar Al Nuami added that they always endeavor to flourish the medical response abilities, particularly with the covid inquiries. This collective initiation not only leads to improved communication with the patients and all other possible contacts but also permits them to take the necessary preventive actions in each case.

The scheme permits the investigation and contact tracking crew to collect important information, like the names of those who traveled back from abroad or workplaces overseas, those who have had contact with covid positive cases recently, etc. to enlarge the investigation process. 

A record of available contacts would also be asked 48 hours before the result is declared. The data gained is considered as classified information and hence it won’t be shared outside the investigation team. This gathered information would then be reviewed by the center’s crew and they would make any calls if required to fill in missing or uncertain information.

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