A guide to Mleiha Archeological Centre, Sharjah

Archeology is a fascinating science. It can take us back in time visually. We can see the various facets of our ancestors from their past. Also, it is the best way to learn from the mistakes they made and better ourselves for a safe and brighter future.

The Middle East is rich in history. It connects the west and the east and has countless civilizations and cultures. AltlMleiha Archeological Centre, built around the preserved Umm Al Nar tomb, is a beguiling place for a great educational and adventure experience. Let us know more about the same in the upcoming sections.

Mleiha Archeological Centre

The Emirate nation, well known for entertainment, sports, gadgets, and cuisine, has some offbeat places too. Located deep in the deserts of Sharjah, the Mleiha Archeological Centre is one such place. An initiative of the Middle East’s sustainable tourism, you can learn secrets of ancient Bedouin culture in the desert.

With the excavation going on for 40 years on one side, the center exhibits interactive displays, artifacts, and information about paleolithic to pre-Islamic eras. With its guided tours around the excavations and remnants, the center helps us understand the unique elements of the respective periods.

Adventure in the Middle of the Desert

To attract the modern generation to the center, they have adventure trips as well. The fossil rock and the camel rock are idle for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers. Off-roading and dune bashing are very popular around here.
There is also an option of Paragliding at Mleiha. It would help you float above this breathtaking excavation and archeological center to get an aerial view.

Horseback Riding

The center also offers horseback riding around the Mleiha landscape. If you are a pro rider, you can take the horse around on your own. If you’d like to learn horseback riding, training sessions are available here.

Survive the Sands

This is a program where you can learn how to face the harsh realities of the desert to survive from talented survival guides. They teach various techniques, from sourcing water in the desert to creating a solar compass.


They offer trekking expeditions across these spectacular landscapes. The center conducts fossil expeditions, flora-fauna workshops, space camps, and lessons to make sound tools. All this is taught with an aim to attract and teach visitors about the region’s rich history.


To enjoy the sunset of the desert and to experience an overnight stay, the center offers various packages. If you’re looking for an authentic desert experience, you’ll not be disappointed.

One of a Kind Experience

Standing amidst the excavations that are million years old is a great experience and makes one feel humble. Mleiha Archeological center is not a place you visit once and cross off your list. The importance of the center cannot be absolved during a single visit. You discover and learn something new in every visit of yours. FYI, there is an amazing cafe in the middle of the desert for satisfying your appetite in between adventures.

Parting words

If you’d like to visit the center, it opens between 9 am to 7 pm on Saturday -Wednesday and 9 am 9 pm during Thursday – Friday. If you have been to the Mleiha Archeological center, then do share your adventure with us in the comment section below.

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