5 Affordable restaurants in Dubai

5 Affordable restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its luxury lifestyle and abundant extravagant experiences that it offers.  Everything from designer clothes, expensive cars and lavish lifestyle of people seems to be high class. There are also several delicacies in world class restaurants that are extremely amazing and extraordinary. While one must indulge in dining at such high end restaurants to experience the affluence of Dubai, it is not always budget friendly. However there are a number of affordable places in Dubai that offer the similar if not more quality in ambience, appeal and taste of delicacies as the high end places.  Here are 5 affordable restaurants in Dubai for you to savor the taste in Dubai.

Juice world

Juice World is an international company that offers fresh and tasty juices for over several decades. They have a great variety on their food menu ranging from fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, salads and much more. Popular for its elaborate indoor and outdoor seating, this budget friendly joint offers great appeal and ambience for you to enjoy a tasty meal.

Location: Multiple Places

Time: 9am – 2am (Today)

Price: AED 40 for two people


Ravi is a popular age-old spot for casual dining in Dubai that offers authentic Pakistani cuisine. This budget friendly restaurant is simple and doesn’t boast the extravagance of Dubai. Though a treat to your wallet, the quality is not missed and food is very delicious. Some of their popular delicacies include Peshawari Mutton, Naan varieties, Peshawari Chicken, Mutton Handi and many more.

Time: 5am – 12:30am

Location: Multiple Places

Price:  AED 45 for two people

Raju Omelette

If you are looking for a cute and cozy affordable restaurant in Dubai, this is the right one. It is not very crowded and has a great indoor seating facility in the tiny little place. With their focus being Indian street style cuisine they are very popular to innovate and make unique variations using eggs. Some of the specialities of this budget friendly venue include Spicy Potato Wrap, Egg Bhurji Roll ,Mushroom Cheese Omelette, Masala Half Fry, Power Omelette, Egg Lazeez, fresh tea and many more. Being a one stop place offering everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is the go to place for flavourful and tasty food that is affordable.

Time: 8am – 11pm

Location: Multiple Places

Price: AED 50 for two people

Pav Gully

Another less crowded budget eatery venue that serves Indian Street style cuisine is the Pav Gully. This is the perfect spot for quick and fast food served in the best hygienic and clean environment. It has a wide list of delicacies ranging from sandwich, pav bhaji, Chole poori, Frankie, chat items that you can have along with their freshly brewed tea. If you are looking for refreshments without burning a hole in your pocket, this is the place you should check out.  

Location: Al Karama, Dubai

Time: 8am – 2pm, 4:30pm – 10:30pm

Cost: AED 30 for two people

We Desi

If you crave authentic North Indian cuisine in a budget restaurant, We Desi is the place to visit. It is a small place with lovely interiors and well-spaced tables. It has a comfortable and welcoming ambience that makes you feel at home. The food served is very flavourful, tasty and delicious. Some of their popular items from the menu include Samosa, Rolls, Kachori, Chat items and many more.

Location: Al Karama, Dubai

Time: 9am – 11pm

Cost: AED 30 for two people

There are many inexpensive eateries spread across the city. So you don’t have to always end up at the highly priced ones to enjoy a meal loaded with flavors. Do check out this list of affordable restaurants in Dubai when you are on the lookout for budget friendly places without compromising on quality and taste.

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