12 Years of Dubai Metro

The lifeline of Dubai residents, Dubai Metro, turns 12 this year. It is one of largest automated and driverless metro systems in the world. Stretching across an 89km track with 129 trains, the metro is the integral part of Dubai moving amidst the skyscrapers and landmarks.

The three-line metro system has served around 1.7 billion riders during the past 12 years. To honor that, let’s go back and reminisce about the evolution of the dearest Dubai metro.

All you must know about Dubai Metro

Even though it is the most advanced and modern system globally, the cost of metro tickets is kept less for affordability of the residents. Three metro lines serve the 89 km track. The 22.5 km Greenline covers 20 stations. The red line covers 29 stations, and Route 2020 is the newest line. To give direct access to the much-awaited event of the decade Expo 2020, 15 km of the new track is added to the red line.

To handle the traffic during Expo 2020, it is planned to use 50 trains for the event alone. Infact, the newly-opened Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station on of 2020 route is the biggest underground metro station of Dubai. It has the capacity to serve more than 11000 riders an hour accounting to 250000 per day!

Safety in Dubai Metro

Dubai is an international destination, and tourism is one of the significant sources of revenue. There are more than 3000 CCTV cameras installed in the coaches and stations to monitor and reduce crimes. It makes it the safest metro too.

Still, to keep the passengers safe, the metro has its dedicated police force – The Dubai Metro Police. There is also a high-end radio system in case of any emergency. To keep the metro and the station safe, the government has issued many restrictions too.

Eating and drinking is not allowed inside the metro, and violators would face severe punishments, including imprisonment. They also have a baggage policy as well to ensure comfort for everyone. Only two suitcases per rider are allowed to carry inside the metro.

Interesting facts

  1. Dubai is one of the smart cities in the world that caters to the needs of people of determination. It has thus kept dedicated spaces for wheelchair users.
  2. Dubai Metro has contributed a lot to economic growth. Every Dirham spent on the metro has reached a whopping amount of Dh 2.5 in 2020. And it is expected to increase by Dhs 4.3 by the year 2030.
  3. There is also a 1st of its kind Dubai Metro Naming Rights initiative that was launched in 2009. It gives the companies a right to become station sponser and rename it. In August 2021 only, 2 of the metro stations were renamed. Al Jafiliya became Max Fashion, and Al Rashidiya became Centre Point.
  4. In a recent announcement by RTA, the responsibility of Dubai metro operations will be done by Keolis MHI Rail Management and Operation LLC.

Parting Words

Dubai Metro has been invaluable to the residents and visitors for so long, and it has gone through major expansion since its inception. How did you feel when you first stepped inside the metro? What is your fondest memory of it? Do share those experiences with us in the comment section below.

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