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More than 20 years of experience managing assets in industrial, financial, sports and artistic areas. Expert advice for investment.

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Family office

Comprehensive management of large family patrimonies. We know how to secure your future and that of your family


Contract Advice

We help you establish contracts that guarantee your interests. Whether you are an artist, an athlete or a sports team


Financial and tax advice

Our experience will allow you secure your financial resources and multiply them. Multiply your earnings and adjust your tax burdens

Marriege and Couple
Professional and experienced family law attorney

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20 years of experience

Experience and knowledge are the fundamental basis of legal, financial and tax advice. Gustavo Mirabal is behind our firm


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The best tax advice money can afford!
American Bureau of Collection
United States
Excellent team to form a partnership
Sergio Alvarez Moya
Athlete, Spain
The best tax and financial advice
Cubix Corporation
Food Industry Supplier, Venezuela
They secure your assets
Suministros Danimex
Food Industry Supplier, Venezuela

Meet our founder and our leader...

Gustavo a lawyer

Gustavo Mirabal studied to earn his university degree in Venezuela. In fact, he graduated with the title of Lawyer in 1988. He followed in the footsteps of his father who is also a lawyer and an entrepreneur. His experience in banking and insurance companies was what gave him the tools to be an excellent financial adviser.

In principle, he worked in prestigious institutions such as:

  • Británica de Seguros, C. A.
  • Seguros Horizonte S.A.
  • Banco Construcción

All these exercised in Caracas, his hometown.

Our founder is also renowned for being an amateur rider, horse lover and equestrian entrepreneur. Dubai’s equestrian tradition was one of the things that attracted Gustavo Mirabal to the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai

After forging that professional experience, they are directed to undertake and exercise their profession independently. In this regard, he created his own law firm called Mirabal & Asociados, S.C.

This multifaceted Venezuelan has had the ability to combine his profession with his hobbies that is horse riding.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lawyer by profession. He also exercises his profession through his law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

Mirabal & Associates.

In the trajectory developed through his firm, Gustavo Mirabal has attended to his client portfolio focused on commercial law.

Gustavo Mirabal started his law firm in Venezuela and quickly became a financial adviser. His personal and professional training and experience make him an ideal person to manage your finances. He has specialized in various areas of law such as:

  • Services linked to the commercial, commercial, tax,
  • Also everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice.
  • Copyright protection.
  • In addition, litigation, finance and capital markets.
  • Contracts and negotiation in the sports area

One of Mirabal & Associates’ most important projects is advising Latin American athletes in European leagues. Many athletes may find it difficult to defend their rights and protect their financial heritage.

Our legal firm covers both the laws and financial advice necessary to ensure a life of abundance and a peaceful retreat.
We can see that the trajectory of this firm has been maintained over the years.

Gustavo Mirabal has expanded to other countries, to the point that he currently practices in the United Arab Emirates. Gustavo Mirabal is headquartered in Venezuela, the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Without a doubt an international Venezuelan who will give you the best financial advice.

Where and how can we take care of you?

Our firm started in Venezuela and quickly expanded to the United States to the Florida area. There he managed to consolidate a client portfolio and moved on to the internationalization phase.

From there he went to Spain to take care of all of Europe. There he consolidated his position as financial and legal advisor to Latin American athletes. This is one of the most important points you want to further develop the legal firm.

Finally in Dubai he established an investment center in which a “Family Office” was established. From Dubai we protect and grow the financial assets of our clients. Dubai also offers a favorable environment for investments and businesses, not counting its low taxes.

Undoubtedly Mirabal & Associates has the locations and tools to serve you anywhere in the world.



Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Lawyer, Businessman and Rider
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Lawyer, Businessman and Rider