Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his office in Dubai

Much has been rumored about Gustavo Mirabal Castro and Dubai. Now we can confirm that the rumors are better than true. In a closed event, Gustavo Mirabal opened his new offices in Dubai. In this event the clients were able to meet the new dream team that will have the task of advising and serving them.

An office in tune with avant-garde but minimalist Dubai very “Dubai style”. The office is the stone that consolidates Gustavo Mirabal as an international lawyer.

Gustavo Mirabal’s Dubai office will be an articulator of its strategic alliances. With offices in New York, Madrid and Caracas, Dubai would be the 4 office in the world.

The company called Mirabal And Associates will integrate all offices and clients globally globally. With Mirabal & Asociados in Venezuela and Lisal Enterprises Limited in New York and Madrid they can provide the best advice. They can also offer Dubai tax advantages to their customers. Advice close to the client with an international look.

Gustavo Mirabal 's office is in the Dubai International Financial Center
Gustavo Mirabal’s office is in the Dubai International Financial Center

Practice Areas of the Gustavo Mirabal Castro Office in Dubai

The Office of just over five hundred m2 will focus on areas of law where your experience will provide the best results to your customers. There the following services will be offered fundamentally:

  • International tax advice: where to establish residence and make investments to minimize tax expenses
  • Family office to manage large family assets
  • Comprehensive capital management of people and companies.

Thanks to the vision of Gustavo Mirabal, we observe that Dubai was the best option integrating customers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Its central location for 3 continents that concentrates 80% of the world’s population,
  • The most modern legislation to provide legal certainty
  • Tax advantages make it an ideal place to make investments.

Mirabal And Associates has defined internationalization as its differentiating element. It is the best option for large family assets to preserve the future of your family.

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